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How many calories can you burn in just 30mins with these 10 indoor workouts?

Big congratulations to all of our amazing and dedicated ladies Curvalicious Ladies Gym that have made it through Ramadan in Dubai, fasting and fit! The long Eid weekend is just around the corner and we hope you enjoy this special time with your family, friends and loved ones, as well as taking some time for yourself to reflect on the past month.


The month of Ramadan might be coming to a close, but summer in Dubai has only just begun!


When it comes keeping fit and staying in shape, summer in Dubai can sometimes make the motivation to get out and get moving a lot more challenging to generate! It is totally normal to feel a bit more sluggish in the hot humidity characteristic of Dubai’s summer season however, just because we are confined to the indoors, doesn’t mean we can’t blast twice as many calories as we could compared to jogging outdoors in as little as 30 minutes (P.S. That’s just 2% of your day!).

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To help you beat the heat this summer, Curvalicious Ladies Gym Dubai has put together a list of 10 different indoor workout styles for women, whose fat burning and body shaping benefits FAR outweigh those of a 30-minute jog outdoors. For each exercise style, we’ve also included the average number of calories burned in 30 minutes for a little additional inspiration – so if you’re feeling extra keen, just double up the values to see what you could burn in a whole hour! (All values taken from a Harvard study that compares calories burned in different leisure and routine activities)


You might be thinking, wait… surely jogging is the simplest way to stay trim and it’s easy enough to keep up with just jogging on a treadmill indoors over summer?

curvalicious ladies gym dubai
curvalicious ladies gym dubai

Of course to some degree jogging does have its benefits. It is probably the simplest form of exercise, it can be a great release after a long day’s work and, even at a gentle pace for 30 minutes, you can burn around 200 calories.


That said, firstly, jogging on the spot on a treadmill can (quickly) become very boring. Secondly, remember that cardio burns both fat AND muscle and building lean muscle is what will speed up your resting metabolism overall! On top of this, there is very little ‘Exercise Post Oxygen Consumption’ (EPOC) after jogging. This basically means that once you stop jogging, nothing much happens as opposed to weight lifting where although you may burn less calories in 30 minutes, you will experience a slight metabolic boost for the next 15-38hrs as your body works to replenish ATP stores, repair muscle tissue, remove lactic acid etc.


*It is important to note here that the effects of EPOC or ‘after-burn’ after a weightlifting session are subtle, and so not enough of an excuse (unfortunately) to fill up on sweeties post workout. Remember, you cannot out-train a bad diet!


Now that we’ve shared some information on the effectiveness and calories burned during a 30-minute jog, let’s take a look at how it compares next to these 10 awesome indoor workout styles for women:

1. HATHA YOGA (Stretching):

Calories burned in 30 minutes

56 kg person: 120 calories burned

70 kg person: 149 calories burned


Hatha Yoga is one of the more gentle styles of yoga, in terms of pace and intensity, and generally involves holding poses and stretches for longer periods. This might seem quite surprising when you look at the calories burned in just a half hour of stretching but ‘isometric’ exercise (e.g. static holds) can be just as challenging for the body as dynamic movements – just think about how difficult it is holding a plank pose for 30 seconds!


So if you are feel like escaping the summer heat with something a little slower in pace, you can still burn upwards of 200 calories per hour and that’s just with the gentlest style! If you crave something a little more intense, check out this article that compares calories burned in different yoga classes.



Calories burned in 30 minutes

56 kg person: 135 to 240 calories burned

70 kg person: 167 to 298 calories burned


Callisthenics training has become a huge trend not just in Dubai but across the whole world. Probably a little to do with the inspiring photos and videos of challenging poses callisthenics experts share across social media, but mostly because it becomes extremely addictive once you start to explore what you can do with your body and how you can challenge yourself with just your body weight alone.

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Callisthenics also involves natural movements, working several muscles together at the same time. This puts less unnatural pressure on your joints and you can avoid overuse or injury of one specific muscle.


So if you’re interested in challenging your body with something different, when it comes to callisthenics, creativity is your only limit! Also as a plus side for ladies, being smaller and lighter than men we have a slight advantage when it comes to picking up this style of workout as a beginner and can advance quickly!



Calories burned in 30 minutes

56 kg person: 165 to 180 calories burned

70 kg person: 205 to 223 calories burned

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There’s no quicker way to beat the heat and lift your spirits that with dance! Whether you choose to try a class like Zumba or simply turn up the radio and let loose at home, dancing (energetically) for an hour can burn up to 400 calories! The best part? If you just let yourself go with the music, you won’t even notice the time fly by!

4. BOXING (Sparring):


Calories burned in 30 minutes

56 kg person – 270 calories burned

70 kg person – 335 calories burned


Now here’s a work out that kicks jogging to the curb when it comes to stress busting! So if you’ve been feeling stressed or frustrated at work or at home this summer, this could be a great new hobby to take up on the side to release the tension.


Boxing is a great sport for women as it burns fat and calories FAST. It also works on your whole body, as well as improving your overall fitness level. At the same time you learn to defend yourself and have confidence in knowing you back a powerful punch!

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Calories burned in 30 minutes

56 kg person: 210 to 315 calories burned

70 kg person: 260 to 391 calories burned


Aiming for one spinning class a week to compliment your weekly gym routine this summer is a great way to mix up your work out. Most classes are around 45 minutes long with short high intensity intervals, which means you can burn up to 400 calories in less than an hour! Cycling is also a non-impact exercise, which means less pressure on the knees.



Calories burned in 30 minutes

56 kg person: 240 calories burned

70 kg person: 298 calories burned


How about indoor Rock Climbing as an activity for the weekend? Get a group of friends together and challenge each other! Check out Mountain Extreme in Business Bay or Rock Republic in Dubai Investment Park.



Calories burned in 30 minutes

56 kg person: 240 calories burned

70 kg person: 298 calories burned


Short on time? When it comes to high intensity circuits, all you need is 30 minutes, which makes this one of the best work out styles to fit around a hectic schedule. The benefit of circuit training (similar to Boxing) is that you will improve both strength and endurance fitness all in the same workout.



Calories burned in 30 minutes

56 kg person: 210 to 255 calories burned

70 kg person: 260 to 316 calories burned

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Calories burned in 30 minutes

56 kg person: 300 calories burned

70 kg person: 372 calories burned

Curvalicious ladies gym dubai

If cardio is your favourite style of workout, trade in jogging for rowing or skipping instead to burn more calories FASTER!



Calories burned in 30 minutes

56 kg person: 90 to 180 calories burned

70 kg person: 112 to 223 calories burned


Last but not least is weight training. It is difficult to calculate the number of calories burned during a weight training session because every strength workout is totally different. Some exercises use large compound groups of muscles, such as barbell squats, whereas others might isolate only a very small muscle group, such as a bicep curl – obviously calories burned will be totally different for these two exercises!


What we do know is that to get the best (and fastest) results when it comes to burning fat is to combine weight training with a little cardio and a healthy diet. This combination is proven to be more effective than diet alone and cardio + diet. If you haven’t already, check out our previous article on why weightlifting is such a great workout style for women in particular.

curvalicious ladies gym dubai

We hope this list has given you some interesting ‘calorific’ insight into some truly great workout styles that you can mix into your summer routine! If you’re unsure where to start, at Curvalicious Ladies Gym Dubai, we have designed a program specifically for Ladies that combines the best workout styles for women (including weight training, callisthenics, HIIT and more) into one single program.


So if you’re based in Dubai, all you have to do is fill in the form below to try us out for a full FREE WEEK!