Curvalicious ladies gym dubai hydration water

Staying Hydrated in Dubai

Ladies, this year summer has come early for us in Dubai so we thought what better a theme for this week’s blog than the driving force of all living things itself – water.

Curvalicious ladies gym dubai hydration water

If you’ve been based in the U.A.E for a long time, hydration has probably become a second nature to you. That said even in a warm country like Dubai, the power of staying well hydrated is HUGELY underestimated. For example, did you know that healthy hydration could boost your brainpower, as well as your metabolism? And that even a little dehydration could affect your performance in the gym?


To keep you inspired (and hydrated!) this summer, the team at Curvalicious Ladies Gym Dubai has sifted through some of the best articles and research online around the topics of ‘Water’ and ‘Hydration’ to put together what we felt were the 10 most interesting and important facts to know – we hope you enjoy!

Top 10 Facts About Hydration You Need To Know

1. Your bodyweight is 60% – 70% water


“Water is the most important element in life… because without it, you can’t make coffee!” – Carrie Bradshaw.


All jokes aside though, water is perhaps the most important element for all living things and most of our body weight is made up from it.


According to H.H. Mitchell, Journal of Biological Chemistry 158, the brain and heart are made up of 73% water, and the lungs are about 83% water. The skin contains 64% water, muscles and kidneys are 79%, and even our bones are watery at around 31%!


This is why staying hydrated during Dubai’s hot sticky summers is so important, as is being a little extra conscious to rehydrate properly after gym sessions. Remember you will lose a lot of this water during exercise through sweat.

2. The cells in our body hold two thirds of that water


Water is the ‘solvent’ for all important chemical reactions that happen inside our bodies. This just means the water in our bodies is where everything that keeps us happy, healthy and functioning, happens!

3. Water is sticky


Not that we get a lot of rain in Dubai, but have you ever watched rain drops fall against a window and noticed how the drops of water literally jump together to form bigger droplets? Or – Have you ever filled a glass of water up to the brim and noticed that it doesn’t spill down the sides, even when the surface of the water looks like it’s over the rim of the glass?


This happens because each molecule of water is made up of one Oxygen atom and two hydrogen atoms to make ‘H2O’. If you could see each molecule close up, you would see that they’re electrically attracted to each other like tiny little magnets. This extraordinary stickiness is called ‘surface tension’ and this process is so important in our bodies as the stickiness of water is what helps pull blood up our vessels to reach all of our organs, muscles and tissues, against the force of gravity!

4. Drinking coffee will NOT dehydrate you


Great news ladies, if you are one of those that can’t survive without their morning coffee, no fear – drinking coffee will NOT dehydrate you!

Curvalicious coffee hydration water dubai summer ladies gym

Yes caffeine is a mild ‘diuretic’, which means urine output may increase minimally for about 3 hours after consuming 250-300 milligrams of caffeine (2 cups of coffee). However recent research shows that exercise can cancel out this effect, so if you workout within one or two hours of your coffee break, you won’t need to go to the bathroom as often!

This is probably because during physical activity, blood flow shifts away from your kidneys to fuel the working muscles so urine output stays unaffected. On top of this, if you happen to drink coffee on a regular basis, you will also be less affected by its diuretic properties as over time our bodies acclimatise to the effects of caffeine.

5. If you’re feeling thirsty, it’s NOT too late


Yes hydration is important, but while it is a good thing to make sure you drink plenty of water after a sweaty workout, there’s absolutely no need to force it!


You may have come across articles or adverts that claim ‘If you’re feeling thirsty, it’s probably too late and you are already dehydrated’… Forget it!


Every single person’s body is different and the often recommended ‘2-3 litres of water a day’ can simply be too much for some people! It also doesn’t take into account water that you will get from any food you eat, or how much physical activity you’re going to be doing, or even how much time you’ll spend sweating outdoors.


Just remember that our brain has had hundreds of thousands of years of evolutionary training to help us figure out how much we should be drinking, all we have to do is listen to it – just drink when you are thirsty, simple 🙂

Just drink when you are thirsty!

6. Electrolytes are just as important for healthy hydration as water


If you are a regular at Curvalicious Ladies Gym Dubai, you will be no stranger to sweat! Whether it is a sweaty workout or simply a hot day outdoors in the sun, I am sure we can all relate to that stinging feeling when a little sweat runs into our eyes.


This stinging sensation comes from the salt in our sweat and is the main reason many people stress the importance of replacing ‘lost salts’ or ‘electrolytes’ after an intense workout.


Inside our bodies, electrolytes are mainly responsible for maintain the balance of fluid inside and outside our cells. This balance is critical for things like hydration, muscle function and even our nervous system. For example, if you’ve ever felt your muscles cramp up during or after a workout, you may have simply been low on certain salts such as sodium, calcium and potassium.


On your next workout, why not try hydrating with coconut water? It is low calorie and naturally packed full of electrolytes, making it even better at quenching thirst than water!

7. Your body produces 200-500ml per water a day on its own


Another reason why there’s no need to force hydration when we’re not feeling thirsty is that our body produces almost a third of what we need without us even drinking anything!


This ‘Metabolic water’ is produced as a result of our own metabolism – so when fat, carbs, protein etc… are broken down in our bodies for energy, a little water is released as part of these chemical reactions.

8. Healthy hydration boots metabolism and brainpower


Did you know that even a 3% drop in our body’s water level could be responsible for fuzzy thinking, “brain fog” and a slower metabolism?


Even though we don’t need to force it, hydration is still important to bear in mind as so many critically important functions rely on the presence of enough water in our bodies to take place. As soon as there is even a slight drop in our bodies’ water level, many processes begin to slow down and we may notice changes in ourselves such as short-term forgetfulness or difficulty focusing on a computer screen.

Curvalicious ladies gym dubai hydration water summer

9. Even a little dehydration will affect your performance in the gym


Ladies, if you want to get the most out of your workout, then a healthy level of hydration is an absolute must. Here again, changes in a little as 2-5% to your body’s water levels can decrease your physical output in the gym by upwards of 30%!

Curvalicious Ladies gym dubai water hydration summer
Curvalicious Ladies gym dubai hydration water summer

Dehydration affects both endurance and high intensity activities and if you are interested to learn more, this article by ‘Human Kinetics’ outlines the effects of Dehydration on performance in quite some detail.

10. Dehydration is the most common cause of midday fatigue


Did you know dehydration is the single most common cause of midday fatigue? So no use blaming it on your early morning group exercise class! If you have been up early for a workout, what’s most likely causing your midday slump is a lack of enough hydration post workout.


If you find yourself feeling this way, make sure to drink plenty of water at lunch and fingers crossed you will emerge out of lunch-break feeling like a brand new woman!

We hope you’ve enjoyed these top 10 hydration tips for summer and perhaps even learnt something new!


If you are escaping the Dubai heat for a holiday soon, we wish you a safe journey and hope you have an incredible time. If you are staying in Dubai for a little while longer, why not fill out the form below and kick-start your summer at Curvalicious Ladies Gym? You can try us out for a full week totally free!